YourSixRoc was founded in 2015 as a means to begin Peer to Peer support to those in need that otherwise would not have it. We wanted those that feared the stigma associated with asking for help the chance to have a confidential, judgment free place to be able to talk and sit with their peers, people who could empathize, not just sympathize, because they have been there too.  All of the team has been or currently is a member of the armed forces, a first responder or a loved one to those individuals. We all have backgrounds in these career fields and have been there- to those deep dark places that most do not understand.  

YourSixRoc mission is to give the support to our community of peers through workshops, get together's, community events and more for those with PTSD, trauma, depression, anxiety etc. that feel lost. We are here to get you the power to manage the unimaginable.